Flying Axes Louisville is the city’s first and only axe-throwing venue. If you’re looking for a fun, exciting and totally unique place to work. We’re currently hiring Axe Throwing Coaches. Read through the job qualifications, and if it sounds like you’d be right on target, please fill out our online application.

To become an Axe Throwing Coach, you must be:
– Outgoing/people person
– Patient
– High energy
– Dependable
– Good communicator

No axe throwing experience necessary. However, the following interests and experiences are a big plus:
– Teaching
– Coaching
– Team sport participation
– Fitness training – Crossfit, Barefit, obstacle racing, yoga, triathlons, marathons, pretty much anything that ends in “thons”
– Outdoor Sports – skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, cyclecross, mountain biking hunting, fishing and of course throwing sharp objects at wood targets
– Basic carpentry/woodworking
– CPR/first aid certification